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Will This Cream Work On My Skin?
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wntcwmsThere are many wrinkle creams on the market. Most of them are hailed as top wrinkle creams for years because they have good effect on skin for some users. Most people, often women, will purchase all the wrinkle creams included in the top ones and try them on. Now, despite the good feedback from all users, there are always 50 to 100 people that would say some product doesn’t work. Doesn’t that make users and non-users doubt? Existing users may say that other users’ claims are false and they just want to ruin the product. That is not the reason why other people may say the creams are not working for them. Getting an unbiased opinion is always best for these situations.

Three out of 10 people have a skin condition that rejects any effect of creams whether it is chemical or herbs. The skin absorbs the moisture from the cream but not the nutrients. It doesn’t matter if the product they started to use is one of the top wrinkle creams. If they have this skin condition, then it won’t work on their skin. There is no specific cure for this skin condition but there are alternatives for creams that will bring your youth back. There are injectable solutions for people who have a skin condition that rejects nutrients from wrinkle creams.

What Kind Of Creams Lead The Market Nowadays?

Currently, the competition to be included in the top wrinkle creams is really tight. They even try to ruin other product’s name just to make theirs sound better. Other than ruining each other’s names, there is also a competition for best effects. That is why most creams also come with other toners, night creams and face masks to give best effect to customers. However, the competition in the market is not for the ones that shows effects when used with other products, the competition is about how a single wrinkle product can actually remove wrinkles and lines without any other product’s help.

Many people won’t actually try on a product unless they are one of the top wrinkle creams, making it unfair for newly released good wrinkle products. The good thing is getting people convinced to try new products and satisfy their expectation can get these newly released products to be one of the top wrinkle creams. If a newly released wrinkle cream wants to be known, then they have to send out tester packs. It’s not like ordinary testers. Tester packs should be enough for potential consumers to see the visible changes. Companies may say that tester packs will pull their business down. It’s the real world, though. Sacrifice to earn.


February 19th


Anti Snoring Devices: The Best Snoring Solution
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bssSnoring is a boisterous breathing throughout the rest. It is a regular issue around all ages and both sexual orientations, and it influences roughly 90 million American grownups — 37 million to a general foundation. Snoring may happen daily or discontinuously. The persons most in danger are guys and the individuals who are overweight; yet snoring is an issue of both sexual orientations, despite the fact that it is conceivable that ladies do not give this protest as often as men. Snoring typically comes to be more genuine as an individual’s age. It can cause interruptions to your own particular rest and your bunk accomplice’s rest. It can accelerate divided and un-reviving rest, which makes as poor daytime capacity (tiredness and drowsiness).

The two most regular unfavorable health impacts that are accepted to be coolly interfaced to snoring are daytime brokenness and cardiovascular sickness. Something like one-50% of individuals who wheeze uproariously has obstructive rest apnea. There is an approach to quit snoring by using gigantic sums on pads, which regularly do not work, or using different anti snoring devices. Anti snoring devices has a structure fitting structure so all you need to do is hotness it and chomp into it to make it more agreeable and fitting for your mouth however other than that there is nothing new here. Anti snoring devices are essential mouthpieces that pull the jaws forward, forestalling you from wheezing. Be that as it may, the material is not as agreeable as those said in the units above and it doesn’t attempt to present anything new. Read more information at this site.

A Look At The Best Snoring Pillow

What on earth would you do if you had a roommate who snores when they are asleep? Probably you would be spending sleepless nights and never sleep comfortably. This disorder has really caused domestic problems especially between those who share rooms as the other would find it extremely irritating never to enjoy their night in peace. However, new innovations always try to find solutions to such disorders and having a snoring pillow is one good solution.

The snorer uses it by supporting the back of their head hence it elevates them to make the breathing airway clear, otherwise, it would be blocked by relaxation of the tongue or jaws causing them to snore. One should choose however the best snoring pillow as they are many in the market with different shapes, designs and sizes. A cozy one should be made of a comfortable material. It should be augmented and raised to support the head appropriately to keep the airway open. Reviews and other information on the internet would help a lot those who want to get the right one to deal with the disorder in question.

Using this anti-snoring pillow would have a positive impact on the user’s lifestyle in many ways. For example; it could decrease or eliminate the stertor and longer sleeping period. Above all sleepiness and being fatigued during the day is reduced.


November 12th


Branded Anti Aging Creams For Wrinkle Victims
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baacsI feel fortunate for having learned about the existence of anti aging creams just when I needed to do something about my wrinkles. I learned about these products from a good friend of mine, who was once a victim of wrinkles. Her previous job required her to be outdoors for a number of hours in a day. According to her, she got those fine lines from frequent sun exposure. But because of her patience in locating a reliable solution to the signs of skin aging that hit her, she did not have to wait for long to have her creases eliminated. When I spoke with her the other day, I told her about the fine lines that are starting to form beside my eyes. She asked me not to be too worried about it for she knows exactly how to resolve it. That was when she introduced her favorite anti aging cream brands to me. She assured me that all those brands are recommended by the most reputable dermatologists in the country. She also pointed out that its ingredients are not to be feared about for these are all safe. I learned a lot from her and now, I am brave enough to fight of all the signs of skin aging that will come my way.

Anti Aging Creams for Different Skin Types

I received an email message from my best friend this morning. She sent me a link to a review website where anti aging creams are tackled. At first, I was surprised to receive such from her until I remembered that I once told her about the emergence of fine lines on the side of my mouth whenever I smile and laugh. I sought advice from her on how I can how these wrinkles eliminated. She told me that even if she knows a lot of anti aging creams, she did not want to suggest one to me since we have different skin type. She stated that consulting a dermatologist is necessary to determine which type my complexion falls under. I promised her that I will visit my skin doctor sometime soon. She probably thinks I already had my consultation. Nevertheless, I will still leaf through the site she sent me.  If I found one which seems to match all skin type, I will start using it without a go signal from my doctor. After all, this product is merely a cream and I don’t think it will badly harm my health. I just have to be careful about the ingredients of the product I will choose.


June 20th


How Can Anti Snoring Pillows Help You
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spA peaceful sleep at night is vital for everyone as it is the time your mind and body relaxes completely. Snoring is one of those major obstacles that challenge the quality and quantity of your sleep. This affects your body health, performance, working efficiency etc. Cold, asthma, sinus and some other unhealthy routine such as consumption of alcohol and having fast food often can bring about the habit of frequent snoring. In middle aged people snoring occurs mainly due to the reason that the muscles in their throat are weak and loose which narrows the airway. All these snoring problems in anyone can be overcome by using anti snoring pillows.

Maintaining a proper sleeping posture lets you provide a comfortable opening for in the nasal cavity for the air to pass through without obstacles. Anti snoring pillows are designed in such a way that keeps your chin out which in turn keeps the airway open throughout. These pillows provide you the  comfort you require and they are the perfect support for your peaceful sleep. You can reduce snoring and let your partner enjoy a quiet night sleep by your side by using anti snoring pillows that are clinically tested and approved.

Benefits and Features of the Anti Snoring Pillows

There are so many benefits one get by use of the anti snoring pillows. Basically, these kinds of pillows are designed to totally do away with snoring or help ease the snoring. Other than snoring, they also help someone who would be having a neck problem, back problem and many other body discomforts. There is this pillow by the name, SnoreEzzz pillow which basically raises your head nicely in a pocket like shape accompanying the shape of the pillow for good support and comfort. For a long and comfortable sleep, a normal pillow might not deliver that, but the anti snoring pillows will always guarantee that. Due to the form base, these pillows will provide a nice backrest. Most of them are made from the hypoallergenic polyester fibers and they can be washed at any given time.

When it comes to buying the anti snoring pillows, many people tend to run from the idea having in mind that they are expensive, true, they are and your health is also expensive. Therefore, we don’t go find it nice to use the word expensive, but affordable to anyone willing to do away with the snoring problem. If one is able to buy a dinner more than $90 then, he or she can afford this kind of a pillow.


June 13th


Damaged Hard Drive Recovery: What Situations Require It?
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When a hard drive has crashed, there are many things that may have led to it. Moreover, for damaged hard drive recovery to take place there is a need to find out exactly what caused the problem. Usually a damaged hard drive is caused by logical and mechanical failures. In addition, based on this context, different situations will need different kinds of hard drive recoveries.

For instance, hard drives that have been physically damaged (i.e. fell down on the floor, ran over by a car or placed in water or was broken by someone) cannot have their data recovered using software. This is because recovery software only functions on hard drives with corrupt file systems or accidental formatting. Therefore, the damaged hard drive recovery option that should be used in this case is mechanical; through this method, you check the components of the hard drive to see which ones are broken or burnt. In addition, based on the results, you make a choice on whether to replace the damaged component or buy a new hard drive. While on the other hand, in situations with corrupt file systems and accidental formatting are the culprits, logical drive recovery software is used to recover lost data from the hard drives.

About Laptop Data Recovery

There may come a time when you are so into working using your laptop computer and then suddenly, Baam! Your computer starts to work unusually weird. Suddenly, you figure out your computer has a broken hard drive. And the normal reaction is, you panic. But wait… is there really a need for us to panic whenever we encounter this? Or are there simply other ways in which we can fix it or maybe just recover our precious data stored on our dying drive? Are you curious now? Well, then you should continue reading the article.

Seriously, there is no need to panic… well, not just yet. There are some ways in which you can do whenever you encounter a broken hard drive, especially when it’s in a portable computer like a laptop or tablet. For example, in a situation when the hard drive of your computer was not detected, you might want to check your computer’s circuit board first. If you find out that the board is damaged then don’t stress yourself too much. You can simply buy yourself a new one which you can purchase in a lot of computer stores or even over the internet. You can easily replace the damaged board. But then again, you have to make sure that the board that you are going to buy is the same with the damaged one, and admittedly, this is best done by a company with laptop data recovery experience. The usual reason for a broken hard drive in this situation is a damaged board, which was primarily caused by heat.

Almost every hard drive repair process always has to follow the sequence of assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation. Before you conclude data loss and before you attempt to run hard disk recovery software, begin with the assessment phase first. Assess and scrutinize the problem. If you’re having problems with getting access to your files, find out possible reasons aside from hard disk failure. You have to do a thorough A typical Maxtor hard drivesystem search of the file because you could have misplaced or deleted the file accidentally. Virus could also play a role in data loss situations. Thus, there is also a need for you to run a systematic virus scan. Some data recovery software allows you to recover data that has been corrupted by a computer virus. Also, assess if your hard drive is physically damaged. If your hard drive produces a strange clicking sound while spinning, or is not recognized by the computer, you should immediately backup your data while you still can and turn off the device once you’re finished. When your good judgment tells you that it is a severe case of hard drive damage, turn it off immediately and rush your drive to a professional recovery service. Once you have established and furnished your assessment data on the problem, you can now proceed with laptop data recovery on your damaged hard drives.

Repairing a hard disk allows a user to recover his or her data without the need to seek a data recovery service that is much more costly (a good one is at http://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net). This has worked for long and mostly with the IDE and SATA hard drives. HDRA is a company that prepares clients to have their hard drives repaired. By simply downloading and running the setup you will, have a repair to your hard drive. It takes caution too when carrying out this exercise since some drives may just spin and the systems BIOS may not be able to see it.

This failure for hard drives has been attributed by the way they are initially programmed from their manufacturers. Continued use makes them lose that programming and leads them to failure. Nevertheless, some IDE hard drives may be password protected too but the solution lies with the idrive repair service. With many brands in the market available currently to repair hard drive using drive repair, then it needs to be among this selected supported lists: IBM, Fujitsu, Western Digital and Maxtor are the few ones that are supported by companies like Hard Drive Recovery Associates. Repair hard drive manuals are needed to bring a smile on people’s faces since among the many hard drive problems a few are now solved.

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August 28th


Raid Recovery for a Damaged Array
by admin

In order to perform raid recovery on a specific array, multiple disks that make up the logical drive unit are scanned. Often, software is used in raid recovery if and only if an array is damaged. Otherwise, a simple volume recovery is used in case the array is functional. In using software the following procedures are followed in raid recovery. When the software is run, “raid recovery” option is selected from the recovery type selection dialog. Select all the available member disks of the array. If a member disk is missing, it will be automatically and virtually reconstructed due to RAID’s parity data. The raid recovery process is often fully automated and is usually only readily available on a professional level. See www.raidrecovery.ws.

Typical raid recovery configuration.As the raid recovery procedure begins, the software checks for RAID parity. This is meant to assess the necessity of reconstructing a missing RAID member disk. This becomes an option whenever RAID is marked as the possible layout. Member disks are scanned and fragments of their file systems identified to assist in reconstructing the layout of the array. Reading of sequence numbers precedes which identifies objects worth of attention. Before the process outputs the desired results, calculations are displayed during number crunching. This helps in determining the stripe size and reference tables needed in the subsequent stage. Lastly, once RAID re-construction is completed, the recovery session continues like that of a simple disk.

Raid Recovery Guidelines

RAID recovery is the salvaging of data from damaged RAID logical structures, which leads to data loss. The process entails resolving to reconstruction of RAID parameters, which leads to the actual recovery of data. In order to achieve there is need for logical RAID configuration, which takes into account the following parameters: disk order in the RAID, type of the RAID, number of disks that make up the RAID and the block size. RAID recovery is completed if all RAID configuration parameters are successfully determined.

RAID recovery is aimed at reconstructing missing RAID configuration parameters. If the original array configuration is changed during raid recovery, intermediate configurations are recorded noting the one that turns out work as expected. In preparation of member disks for recovery, each disk is disconnected from the controller since recovery software analyzes one scheme of data at a time. During raid recovery, it is unadvisable to try rebuilding an array with same controller if one does not know how to correct RAID5 parameter. If this is neglected, it will result to permanent loss of data from the damaged disk for RAID 5. A disk image should be created. Always create the disk image files from separate disks, rather than from an entire array because some parts (e.g. mirrors for RAID 10 and parity for RAID 5) are inaccessible unless you disassemble the array.

A RAID system consists of several levels, each having distinct functions. The system is expected to perform its function at a full level. However, RAID failure cannot be avoided. For many reasons including virus attack, hardware problem, human error, and even natural disaster, RAID failure happens. Setting up appropriate RAID recovery services takes place. Adequate knowledge and extensive training is an important factor to consider when choosing a RAID data recovery service provider. Before contacting the company, make sure you fully understand the benefits of the service. Most importantly, you must know that RAID data recovery can be expensive. The more numerous the disks and higher the RAID level, the more expensive the RAID recovery costs.

A do-it-yourself RAID recovery can cost you less than remote and offsite recovery. In a 2-disk RAID level 0, DIY recovery costs about $89, takes at least 16 hours to 1 day to finish, and success rate of 80%. You must have knowledge on RAID settings for you to be able to succeed. In remote recovery, the service provider remotely logs on to your computer and retrieves your data. Remote recovery costs $450, takes 2 hours to 1 day complete, and a 95% success rate. In offsite recovery, you need to send the hard drives for RAID recovery. You need to spend $900 and wait for an hour to 4days. A 95% success rate is expected.

The internet is one of the easiest ways of finding anything about everything. Most information can be gathered online. When you experience data loss, data recovery service is absolutely helpful. Carefully pick the best hard drive recovery company of 2012. The first thing that you need to consider in choosing the best service provider is its capacity to conduct an in-depth study in your case. They would also provide reports and updates for you. The services are free of charge. The report would help you decide what actions to take about the damage and how the data can be retrieved completely. The need for RAID recovery is definitely important. Reputable and trusted companies only offer the best services. Through the internet, you can easily compare prices and quality of services offered to you. Remember to choose the best service provider to avoid more problems.

RAID failure happens due to several reasons including RAID controller failure, RAID array failure, possible configuration damage, and a damaged strip. Several categories of RAID levels are available according to its storage performance and fault tolerance mechanism. RAID recovery is possible if one disk fails in Level 5 RAID. You can rebuild the disk and replace the destroyed disk with a new one.


August 14th


Chkdsk Commands For Hard Drive Repair
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Hard drive repair begins with a simple and clear outlined process as seen here.

Insert an operating system for your PC be it windows XP or 7.
Select an option for booting from the CD in the DVD/CD rom.

Go to the Windows recovery console as the next command appears and select the letter “R”. Select the partition with the operating system and when prompted for a password, enter if available or continue if unavailable. At this point, a command prompt must appear with guidelines on how to go through with the process.

Type the command appearing and with no time to waste press enter on the keyboard to continue. {Chkdsk/p} this is the command to type. Straight away, the system begins to check for errors in the hard disk, if errors are identified then the command will help repair them. Typing this other command: {Chkdsk/r} then it prompts the CHKDSK to begin checking all parts of the hard drive and immediately begins to repair them and if no errors reported then no repair takes place. It will take time varying with disk size, big ones require more time and vice versa.

Once through this command is then typed {chkdsk/p} which runs a quick scan and if no error is reported then the disk was successfully repaired. Hard drive repair will be now finished and all you need to do is to exit and remove the Operating System CD.


August 12th


Types of Data Recovery
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Hard disk drives may surprisingly fail at any point. When it does, you will have to go through immense data loss when you fail backup your files. The computer’s operating system, software programs and practically all the important data are stored in a hard disk drive. You lose access to them once your disk drive is crashed, corrupted or damaged. When this day comes, you do not have to weep and worry too much because it can be addressed by hard disk recovery solutions.

There are basically two types of data recovery solutions, the software recovery and the hardware recovery. Software recovery is utilized when the damage is due to logical corruption. The hardware is perfectly fine but the file system or operating system may be corrupted and faulty, or there may be infestations with computer viruses that cause serious damage to the system as a whole. This type of data recovery uses Data Recovery software application that scans the hard drive and retrieves the all the inaccessible data.  Hardware recovery, on the other hand, is employed when the hard disk’s internal components, particularly the moving platters, are physically damaged and crashed. Hardware recovery is done by manually disassembling the hard disk in a clean room and replacing the damaged parts with new and functional ones. You’ll want to confirm the company’s quality by reading a review.

About Using Software To Recover Your Drive

Software recovery is a type of hard disk recovery that utilizes Data Recovery Software in retrieving lost and inaccessible data in the disk drive. As the name suggests, the problem here lies in the disk drive’s file system or operating system and this is not due to physical hardware damages.  When the hard disk fails, getting access to all your files seems impossible. This happens after a firmware corruption or a logical corruption. Firmware corruption impairs the connection between the hard drive and the computer. Firmware controls the hard drive’s functions, and once it is damaged, the hard disk drive can no longer function accurately. Logical corruption, on the other hand, is only a by-product of physical damages and of firmware corruption as well. The file system or the operating system is impaired causing the whole hard disk system to crash. Therefore, this is when software recovery comes in. In Software Recovery, the system systematically examines the hard disk drive for errors and inconsistencies. It reads inaccessible and lost data and extracts all the data stored in the disk. It divides the total storage space of the hard disk drive into sectors or small storage areas.

Although most Data Recovery Software are relatively easy to use, basic knowledge and technical skills are essential in manipulating the data recovery software application.

Hard disk drives are mechanical devices that serve as a storage area for all data and software applications in the computer. Hard disk drives contain platters, the rotating circular disk coated with magnetic substance that stores the magnetic data. The hard-disk platters are damaged when the disk drive is dropped, banged, or moved while running. This inadvertently causes mysterious disappearance of files in the hard disk drive. The best thing to do at this time is to use hard disk recovery and retrieve your important files and documents as soon as possible. Before proceeding with the data recovery process, you have to ensure that this is hardware damage, not a software problem. Spotting the difference between the two is quite easy and the important thing to remember here is that hardware damage usually causes the hard disk to become unrecognizable by the computer and produces an unusual clicking sound when the computer is powered on. If you start to notice these warning symptoms, turn off your computer immediately. Hardware Recovery is done under special measures. Thus, it is necessary for you to bring the drive to a data recovery expert to salvage your important files stored in there. Hardware recovery is done in a clean room laboratory like at Hard Drive Recovery Associates to prevent dust particles from entering the disk drive. The hard disk drive is disassembled and the disk platters are systematically read in search of the lost files.

Eventually, you will find yourself desperately looking for ways to get access to your lost files or hitting the computer crossly just because it does not boot up. Well, you have to realize that the hard disk drive is no longer working. It is crashed. It’s damaged. You’re in rage because it caught you off guard. You weren’t prepared for it. Well, lucky you! Hard disk recovery software applications are now available in the market to help you salvage your important data. In choosing your recovery software, always take time to canvass all software applications (if possible) and study their features. Choose what you think is apt and suitable for your drive, and allot ample amount of time to read product reviews which might help you decide which to choose. At this crucial moment in time, mind not the cost but the quality of the application. This may be your one and only chance to retrieve your files and you wouldn’t want to let it pass, right? It is also important to note here that purchasing data recovery software before your hard drive fails actually offers you protection from massive data loss. Some data recovery software creates backup of your drive directory and makes it easier to recover the data once the disk is crashed. If the final judgment day comes, all you have to do is run the data recovery immediately, without more ado. The hard disk recovery software application will rewrite your disk with the use of the most recent hard disk directory backup it created.  http://www.harddrivefailurerecovery.net/hard-drive-failure-solutions/


July 31st


Computer Crashes And The Need For Laptop Data Recovery
by admin

HDDPerhaps unknown to a lot of people, there are actually a lot of hard drive repair mechanisms that you could use in case your computer crashes hard. If your computer starts showing signs of instability in the form of data crashes leading to loss of memory, then you could have that repaired right away by consulting an expert in the realm of hard drive file recovery. If you want to save your computer, you should make it a habit to consult those people so that you could save your files which you could not just leave in limbo forever especially if those files are highly important. In that case, you would be able to realize that your computer could still recover those files which you lost due to those untoward incidents. Keep in mind to consult an expert in hard drive data recovery so that you could recover your files again in the event that your computer starts crashing.

You just bought a new laptop and everything seemed right from the very beginning. But, a few months after you bought it, an internal virus was found active inside your hard drive and the only solution is to have a professional company like HDRA perform a laptop data recovery. What you must do right away is to call for an IT professional or a computer expert to get the job done. This way, you would be able to make the right thing for your laptop and that you would also be able to make things better. Dealing with a number of computer viruses long ago is never an easy thing to do but now, these viruses can vanish in just a snap of a finger. So, whatever way you want it, you still hold the key to make things right for your computer. You just have to know the necessary procedures in the first place so that you won’t be able to make the same mistake again.

Hard Drive Data Recovery: You Can’t Afford to Work from Scratch

It is frustrating to work from scratch if you have lost those documents, presentations, spreadsheets, edited images and any others, so you would have to make sure that you will try your best in retrieving your data by going to the nearest hard drive data recovery service out there. You would really lose a lot of time if you have decided to work on everything from scratch again. Moreover, you might also feel that you are getting frustrated because of having to bear that damaged hard disk. You sure want to avoid those bad cases of having a damaged hard disk. Therefore, you would really need to make sure that you are being able to take your damaged hard drive to a data recovery service near you. Having a damaged hard disk doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be able to use it again. The hard drive data recovery service near you would serve as a ray of light, symbolizing hope.



June 12th


Twitter Becomes Abusive, And Talking About Credibility
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I have always said that one of the best things about twitter was the fact that you can say almost anything you want about an organization, and or a person and do it with impunity. Obviously, this is going to create a lot of problems between a lot of people, but it is refreshing to see this kind of freedom of speech happening all over the place.

I think we do have to recognize that under all the Facebook likes that we may deal with on a day-to-day basis, we are still pretty negative at heart. Everybody wants to accentuate the positive, but twitter is one of those things that basically enables you to say whatever you want, and if you are like a normal person, you are probably going to do it in a negative way.

I think that is just our nature, if you give us the opportunity to bring something down, especially if it has reached lofty levels of reputation, we are going to do it, and with twitter we are going to do it in his witty away as possible.

But London’s Sunday Times had an interesting article this week talking about how some of the larger corporations are trying to hire bloggers and tweeters in order to offer positive spin on their products. Of course, I am talking about McDonald’s, which probably needs all the positive spin it can get.

The article also spoke to some of the more negative aspects of a continuous negative flow of news. A lot of people found themselves abused very heavily by other twitter users, often because of the things that they say in public. I think this does make a lot of sense, particularly with women, because we are still grappling with the idea that a woman can say whatever she wants in public.

Does that sound old-fashioned or ridiculous to you? Perhaps it does, but I think we have to recognize that it is the truth. A lot of people are getting slammed on twitter right now that maybe don’t need to be. And this is something that is not just common in Britain, but is very common in places throughout the world where twitter is being used increasingly.

I think if there is one thing we should understand about twitter is that it is not the be-all and end-all of online expression. And, if you decide to follow certain experts or groups, you should always be thinking about what their motivations are. Is the guys website that you really like reading influenced heavily by an invisible paycheck from Adobe?

Is the guy who tells you that he really enjoys the latest McRib sandwich just a shill for McDonald’s?

On the other hand, is a buddy of yours that recently had a computer meltdown in which is hard drive failed and he had to get professional Mac hard drive recovery actually just trying to push that particular data recovery service on you?

Well, probably not the last one. But I think my point has been made. Always look for motivations behind public thoughts. Assess credibility on an individual basis and never give anyone the benefit of the doubt. It can save you a lot of time and pain.


May 7th


Twitter Takes Spammers To Court
by admin

Ok, so there was no way that I ever would’ve expected that this would be the case. Twitter taking a “spamming organization” to court? Much like companies like Microsoft and Facebook have done recently? Does this make any sense? I thought that all of these spamming people were just simply nameless black hooded hackers working out of their parents basement in some suburban Ohio. Am I wrong?

Well, it appears that in a word, the answer to that is yes. Apparently twitter has taken to sue a company from Tennessee called Skootle (yes, I have never heard of these people either) its efforts to combat massive amounts of spam on its network. Twitter claims that it is filing suit against five of the most aggressive providers and spammers, and that they are somehow going to the source. But at the same time, I am wondering if that even makes any sense at all. I most of the spammers just individuals trying to push things like açai berries or something else? Wouldn’t it be better to strengthen their personal ligation of account applications?

Lawyers Go To Work

Well, apparently they companies preferred to take the court and let the lawyer sort it out. But what Twitter does say is that the gentleman who runs Skootle, named James Kester, is actually accused of operating or overseeing more than 129,000 spam twitter accounts.

Wow. That is in fact a ton of twitter spam. Congrats to them for finding out a culprit, and at least giving a public show that they are fighting to stop twitter spam as much as is possible.

There our other businesses named in the suit, but apparently they are all dubious websites that basically control a ton of twitter accounts and enable them to send crappy messages out to everyone. I think if you are reading at this site, you know exactly what kind of messages I am talking about.

An Interesting Move
Certainly this is a very interesting move by twitter. I think it is one of those things that probably is going to have very little effect, but from a public point of view is actually very smart. In a way, it is like Microsoft suing three pirates because they are trying to kill piracy overall. This is merely a drop in the bucket, but in the end it probably is going to work out quite fine for twitter. And, if you think you can get away with setting up something like 129,000 twitter accounts in order to push your Viagra, then you should probably think twice about the idea.

I’m on board about it, because obviously it is going to make the Twitter experience much better.


May 7th


Is Twitter Stories the Ultimate Spam?
by admin

Far be it from me to try to bring down the big T, but have you read very much about this new Twitter Stories thing? I honestly have read a lot of stuff that has been cobbled together by public relations people all over the world, and I with companies that have been pretty slick when it comes to trying to get their message out, but this whole Twitter stories concept is a little bit stupid.

Can’t everyone see that it is just a way for twitter to advertise themselves to people who maybe don’t tweet? I haven’t actually taken the opportunity to go to Twitter stories in order to really check out the madness behind this whole situation. But I can tell you that it seems to be absolutely ridiculous and nothing but a big advertisement for the use of twitter.

Hey guys, you really don’t need to try and sell me on twitter because I continue to use it (#we’realreadyhere). I don’t know exactly why they are trying to do this, but I guess it has something to do with the fact that twitter public relations people are just bored during their day.

It could be a situation where the PR people are paying specifically by the number of fake weird products that they create that can help generate publicity for twitter. I don’t know, but it sure seems like he’s works out to me. I just wish they wouldn’t waste our time with this.


November 22nd


Five Things We’ve All Been Tweet Spammed By
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Top 5 Spam Attackers!

If you are on twitter nowadays, you accept that spam is a part of life. Certainly when it began it seemed as if twitter might be able to somehow avoid the spam monster, at least that was the hope, as 144 characters is not easy to sell your crappy product with. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of twitter began to grow and as a result we ended up with spammers selling of the same crap over and over again for weeks at a time. We ended up having to go through our accounts and delete followers that just didn’t make any sense to us. We had to deal with our telephone ringing every time somebody introduced us to a new muscle building product. I think you know where were going here.

I present to you the top five things that we have all been spammed by. I’m not trying to say that I am David Letterman, but I think that we all appreciate the humor involved in the spam game.

1. Penile Growth – I know what you are saying. Did I just use the word penile? Yes. I absolutely did. But I think we know what we are talking about when we talk about penile growth. We are speaking about Viagra, Cialis, and whatever else we can find that is going to pump up what we’ve already got or what we hope to have. I always find these add 5 inches ads to be pretty hilarious because they literally go out to everyone. But I wonder who actually answers these ads for a product that will enable them to “drill all night long” or “blast her with real power”. I really wish that I was making these things up. But I am not.

2. Acai Berries – Have you heard the news? Açai berries are apparently the best thing ever. They enabled me to lose 50 pounds and become a Charles Atlas type figure within two weeks of eating them in my smoothies. Yes, I can’t believe how powerful this single berry has been and as a result I am handsome and and am picking up ladies every day and a rich man recently pulled over in his Rolls-Royce and handed me the keys just because he was so impressed with me. It’s all because of the berry, y’all. I’m not going to tell you that it will cost you $200 for one month dose, but I will tell you come to my website and sign up your e-mail so that I can send you more and more spam every day about açai. It’s from Brazil, you know.

3. Come See My Pics – Hi. My name is Martina. I’m from the Ukraine. I really like some of the stuff that you have been putting on twitter, and I certainly find you to be very attractive of a person. Please come to check out my URL which is http://nakedchicksfromrussia/martina. I am sure that we will not only be friends but be able to have a long-term relationship in which we can really connect as two people. Yes. We love to connect here in the Ukraine. I hope that you will come to check out my webpage because I have built specifically for you. Please marry me.

4. God I’m Rich. Let Me Give You My Secret – Hi. My name is Bob, and if you come to my website you will see a lot of pictures of me driving around in fantastic looking automobile and hanging out with women with large and plastic breasts. This is to give you some form of visual proof that I am a very rich person. All you have to do is check out my website, you will see many of these pictures. You may even see me standing next to a private plane that is clearly not mine, but I managed to take some video in front of before the airport security came after me. The clear bonus I’m trying to offer you here is that I am willing to share my multimillion dollar secret with you for only $19.95. Does that sound strange to you? It shouldn’t. Why wouldn’t somebody who is a multimillionaire give away his secret for nothing as opposed to just continue to make millions of dollars every week. I can’t find a reason.

5. Work From Home And Be Rich! – I know what you’re thinking. There is no way that this offer to provide you with $400 per day in order to flit around your house and eat Pop Tarts and type a few things on your computer is going to be a real offer. I’m glad you said that. That is because we only deal with people who are skeptical of strange offers to provide them with $400 per day for doing little or no work. I can see you are one of these people, and you are the kind of smart people that we like to deal with. So please, just fill out this form and provide us with your credit card so we can charge you a “initiation fee” so that we can begin sending you your $400 every day for doing very little or nothing. Don’t forget that this offer is limited. If you sign up now, we will send you this pair of socks, too.


October 16th


The Ultimate Word Of Mouth
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I can say with real passion that the reason why Twitter has been so effective for so many organizations and so many individuals is because we all inherently want to hear ourselves speak. We all love our own ideas and love the opportunity to potentially influence others with them. Let’s face it, just as noted in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, almost every one of us wants to be a leader in what we do. We all want people to listen to our individual opinions and recognize that they matter. We all want recognition for some of our more clever ideas when things may not seem as fantastic as they should be. We all want to be loved, damn it, and that is why something like Twitter or Facebook have taken off with such amazing force.


The problem with these models is that they allow anyone to express themselves. I’m not saying that it is necessary that specific people should have a license in order to express themselves, but sometimes I feel that is the case. I guess the easiest thing to do is just to turn out and not deal with these people at all, but after a while you have to admit that the twitter sphere does get agonizing. I don’t really want to hear what British runway models have to say about the production of cheese in the Netherlands. I really don’t care about what a third rate hockey player thinks about the Edmonton Oilers. I also really frankly don’t think that matters to my day whether or not David Beckham likes Los Angeles or not.

Tune Out And Survive

all of this expression is often going to have a plus side to it. As an example, the other week I dropped my laptop on the ground. It was clutching mistake and I probably shouldn’t have made it, but once my laptop hit the ground with this, I knew that I was going to be in a lot of trouble. So, I tweeted on my android phone that I was going to need help quickly. What I did not realize at that point was that a local firm that specialized in hard drive failure recoveries was actually following me. He immediately got in contact with me directly and help me figure out exactly what was going on with my MacBook computer before I even had to get worried about it. Talk about instant service! This is where something like twitter can be huge because it can actually help you when you have an emergency like your laptop hard drive breaking. I know that this may seem like a random or bizarre case, but I’m sure that it happens to a lot of people who have a lot of twitter followers out there. It is a pure form of expression that not a lot of people give credit where credit is due.

But the ability to tune out is so central to the twitter experience. If you cannot tune out, you’re going to find yourself eating a bowl of insanity. There are too many voices on this medium to be important and as a result it can seem like a conversation in which 10 people are talking at once: nothing is being understood by anybody and it all just seems like a huge mumbo-jumbo.

The Companies

Remember when twitter was just a small site in which you could express ideas and talk to others with similar interests and not have to face the grand fist of capitalism? I’m not trying to say that I’m a Marxist or that I approve of any kind of economic style outside of capitalism, because right now I consider to be the best that we have. But you have to know when twitter was initially getting popular that it would only be a matter of time before the big corporations started coming in and talking about everything in order to try and get you to buy all their crap. I guess this is pretty much the American way, but you have to admit that it is pretty horrible when companies like GM start butting into your twitter feed because you mentioned something about the Chevy Volt and they’re really excited that you are pushing their product for free. (Seriously guys, I really didn’t mean to do it. I think the idea of an electrical car is pretty cool and I wanted to let my friends know about it. Can we leave it there?)

I will say that I think the ultimate word-of-mouth is when somebody just voluntarily offers something – whether that is an idea or a product or simply a saying – and it changes the way I think about things. This is what I would call the ultimate word-of-mouth because it is something that is completely unexpected, and it changes the way you feel. This is one of the things that the companies will always try to do on twitter, you will rarely execute because this is something that you cannot plan for. This is spontaneity that comes without commercial backing.

This is the real twitter, as far as I’m concerned.


August 12th


What The Gawker Attacks Tell Us About Twitter
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Ok, so it’s a mass community. We had to expect this, right? We have to expect that anything that can be automated (which DEFINITELY includes an account application process) can be used as a machine in denial of service attacks. And although the DOS attacks (not Microsoft’s lame disk system, of course) are not exactly new to the Internet, they will always be a factor, even if we think that shouldn’t be the case.

So who is this Gnosis group? No one ever knows, nor will they ever. There are a lot of black hat hackers out there, and the fact that this was one of the first major Twitter attacks is more of a surprise than anything. Each day, thousands of hack attacks take place on hundreds of major websites all looking for personal data like that which was used in the Gawker hack attack. Does this mean that something has changed? Well, not really. Not at all.

What Can You Do About It?
So is there truly anything that you can do about it? Answer to that of course is up to you. It is very easy for you to change your password, however, that is a huge start. Changing your password every now and again is also going to be a proactive thing that almost anyone can use in order to avoid being hacked in the future.

I think probably one of the worst things that people are doing these days are using the same username and password on almost every site, so as an example they use a single username and password for Facebook, Yahoo mail, as well as their twitter account. When this happens, usually opens up a chain reaction in which the hacker can easily grab all of your data and use any of your accounts against whatever organization it prefers.

So if you are setting up accounts, make sure that you always have it slightly different password. It will help avoid this massive chain reaction that could find you as the one getting in trouble, as opposed to some nameless hacker. This stuff is important, so make sure that you do it and you will find that you are as safe as houses on the Internet.

And one more thing, is there anyone aside from me that was actually surprised that something like gawker even exists? I will admit that I have heard of a few of their properties, but Fleshbot? Just what are we talking about here? And how many of these weird nameless Internet companies are there out there with a lot of our personal data? I think we need to be more afraid of that in any specific hacker attack that may take down a couple of major websites.

Don’t forget friends, it is your personal information. Take care of it and you will find that your life will be a lot more secure than you suspect they could ever be in your most paranoid fantasies.


January 31st


Will Twitter Spam Ever Die?
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Is Twitter spam ever going to lessen? At this point, the likelihood of that is very low. Because the web has expanded and the ability for spammers to use the web for their illegal means has expanded with them, Twitter spam is here to stay. That means that receiving a lose weight fast e-mail from a friend of yours on Twitter is going to be something that occurs on an almost daily basis from now on. I know that Twitter will always have intentions to fight this stuff, but the likelihood of it happening effectively is going to be very slim.

The Size Of Twitter Remains Massive
the size of twitter is way too massive for them to truly be able to capture all fake accounts and spam attempts. Plus, there is the fact that freedom of speech is always going to be something that Twitter followers want. But when your freedom of speech involve sending people to spyware sites that infiltrate your computer and collect information about you in order to target ads, suddenly there is no freedom at all.

It is hilarious because twitter spam is something that you can never be protected from no matter what your computers platform is. Although viruses have typically attack PCs, there is no particular platform that spam can’t target; whether you are talking about Apple computers, android telephone, or anything else that can receive a 144 Character message, it can be spammed.

I keep on reading about people claiming that their firewall software can stop twitter spam. Well, unfortunately if you enable yourself to go on twitter, you are going to experience twitter spam. There is just no way out of it. You Making ugly to you, but you should really just wake up to the reality that is 2012. If you think you can just click on people links and never have any kind of malware attacks, you are a fool.

Twitter Absent?
But is Twitter really absent from the spam discussion? It is clear that they have made some inroads into stopping fake accounts that enable spyware companies to steal your information and otherwise harm your computer and you. As to how effective those moves against automation of spam are going to work is unclear to everyone except for those operating twitter itself. Obviously, twitter spam means very little to them on an economic basis because of the fact that their users will continue you decide whether spam is there or not. I think there is one place in which it does affect them is that their servers you frequently get attacked and that costs money.

As this site begins to grow, I expect that there will be a lot of ideas as far as how to stop twitter spam and to keep it in check. I welcome your opinions as always.



September 20th


Twitter Spam Down?
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I don’t know what to make about this recent report from PC Magazine online telling us that twitter spam is starting to be a little bit more manageable than it used to be. Well, when I say that I mean more like it is “way down and counting,” according to twitter itself. I hate to be somebody who does the corporate line, because I enjoy twitter for so long, but I do feel like it is probably a little bit too premature to start saying that spam is way down and that there is absolutely no way that twitter will be a victim of it in the future.

Things to Remember about Spammers
I think there is one thing that we have to remember about spammers, and that is that they are relentless. You have to remember that the reason why they even consider spam as a medium is because it is free and because it enables them to get in touch with millions of people at the click of a mouse. Obviously, even though you think that it is possible that you are cutting down spam (in the article it says it was cut from a high of 11% down to 1% in February) you have to remember that the spammers simply learn from the techniques you are using against them, and go on from there. This is not something that is bound to change soon, because the spammer continues to evolve just like regular humans continue to evolve.

The difference is that, much like cockroaches, they have a will to survive that is unmatched by any other human being. These people are crazy but that is only because people actually buy their crappy products which means that their profit margins on this kind of marketing is easily 100%. When you can do that day in and day out and every once in a while run into a speed bump where twitter tries to stop you, you’re going to do it again and again and twice on Sunday.

I am not saying that twitter is not absolutely effective when it comes to busting spammers down to vermin that they are; what I am saying is that the battle has just begun. Until we live in a world without Viagra or açai berries or workouts that will allow me to lose 200 pounds in less than two weeks, we will always be dealing with spam. It’s just a fact.


April 1st